The Villa Castelletto, among the green Monferrato hills, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity for those who want to enjoy unique landscapes.
Between Monferrato and Langhe in a hilly land full of paths, woods and coloured valleys, the Relais Villa Castelletto was settled in 2001.
South-West of the small village of Castelletto Molina, the Relais Villa Castelletto is just 5 minutes walk from downtown, in Via Thea, 2. Ideal for short stays, but also for longer periods, it is suitable for holidays and working trips thanks to its incomparable and exclusive location.
It was created in 2001 from an idea of the Vasile family who, after spending some days in Monferrato, decided to invest in a still unknown Piedmont area, where there were few modern hotel facilities, by building and managing an accommodation structure.
In the same period, the Berta family decided to expand the historical headquarters in Nizza Monferrato.

In 2002 the Berta Distillery of Casalotto di Mombaruzzo was founded. A large structure, similar to a country house

well inserted in its surroundings, in perfect harmony and simplicity. In these years a tight collaborative relationship has linked the distiller family to the hotel managers in Castelletto Molina. The buildings were built almost at the same time: materials, decorations, facing bricks and warm and cosy colours seem to be the same and closely link the hotel and the Berta's house under a unique hospitality leitmotiv.
In 2009, in the summer, the Berta family decided to acquire the Relais Villa Castelletto.

In the meantime, the territory prestige grew, also thanks to the presence in Mombaruzzo of our distillery, which became a centre of attraction from a cultural and hedonistic point of view. Several residential facilities were built in the surroundings and visited by several guests, from Italy and abroad. However, the demand is higher than the offer and the Bertas, who have always considered hospitality an essential part of their business, are happy to contribute to the offering.